Google Analytics reads like a seismic chart lately


Anyone else seeing dramatic ranking shakeups lately? Thankfully, this client is the blue line, but that’s a serious drop and recovery.

We don’t operate at all in the black hat world, so our links and content should be in good shape. Anyone else seeing this kind of traffic dance lately?

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    My clients have seen big changes the last couple of weeks, but all for the good thankfully. The “Fred” update was a biggie and it looks like some websites that have massive ads with little quality content got hit hard. I saw one post where their traffic plummeted 95% and they are virtually invisible in search now……it is times like these I am thrilled I only do white-hat work….sometimes I scratch my head and am tempted when I see competitors outrank me with crappy sites with no backlinks…but I have hope their day will come! 🙂

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    Yet another update?? Could be a refined version of the Feb 7 update that shook us up. Traffic went up and down and settled to near normal after about 10 days. But last seven days have not shown any change – if anything, traffic and page views have increased a little!

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